Pneumatic Straight Type Globe Valve

Pneumatic Straight Type Globe Valve

Basic info
Nominal diameter:1-1/2-48"
Nominal pressure:PN1.6~42.0MPa
Applicable medium:Water,oil,steam etc
Applicable temperature:-29℃- 300℃
Operation:Hand operated,air operated,electrically operated

Product Details

 Basic info                                                             

Nominal diameter


Nominal pressure


Applicable medium

Water,oil,steam etc

Applicable temperature

-29℃- 300℃


Hand operated,air operated,electrically operated

Struction specification:

1. Product structure is reasonable, reliable seal, high performance, attractive appearance.
2. Sealing surface CO-based alloy, good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, long service life.
3. Stem hardening and tempering and surface nitriding treatment, good corrosion resistance and  anti-friction properties.
4. Double seal, more reliable performance.
5. Stem lifting position indicator.
6. Parts materials, flange and welding dimensions can be based on the actual working  conditions or user requirements reasonable matching, to meet a variety of conditions.


1.In the process of opening and closing, the frictional force between the sealing surfaces is small.

2.It is more durable.

3.The opening height is not big.

4.It is easy to manufacture and convenient to maintain.

5.It is not only suitable for medium low pressure, but also suitable for high pressure.

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