Uni-directional Swing Check Valve

Uni-directional Swing Check Valve

1. normal diameter:nps 2″-48″
2. normal pressure:class 150~2500
3. suitable medium:corrosive environment, oil, gas, water
4. suitable temperature:-29℃ - 450℃
5. port type:full port
6. connection ends:rf / npt / bw / sw

Product Details

    A check valve where in the mechanism includes a disc that swings on a hinge pin or shaft. The bearing assembly for the hinge pin and the disc is covered from the flow stream so that dirty and viscous fluids are less able to enter and impede the rotation of the closure member.

    The swing check valve can be used under any third party inspection, including IBR (Indian Boiler Code). The swing check valve is available in a swashplate design with a counterweight or short cylinder setting.


1. normal diameter

nps 2″-48″

2. normal pressure

class 150~2500

3. suitable medium

corrosive environment, oil, gas, water

4. suitable temperature

-29℃ - 450℃

5. port type

full port

6. connection ends

rf / npt / bw / sw


   Swing check valves are not suitable for frequent flow reversals, applications for wide speed changes, and applications for pulsating flow. If installed in a system that is prone to sudden backflow, a counterweight or bumper should be specified to prevent violent impact.

    If the valve must be opened with a minimum differential pressure, it may also be necessary to balance the weight. Full closure is sometimes supplemented by additional weighting of the disc or by externally weighted lever arms or springs. Excessive closing force (sniping) may result unless a damper is also installed.

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