Full Opening Disc Swing Check Valve

Full Opening Disc Swing Check Valve

1. normal diameter:nps 2″-48″
2. normal pressure:class 150~2500
3. suitable medium:corrosive environment, oil, gas, water
4. suitable temperature:-29℃ - 450℃
5. port type:full port
6. connection ends:rf / npt / bw / sw

Product Details

Product description  

  A check valve, also known as a check valve, is a mechanical device that typically only allows fluid to flow through it in one direction. Our check valves are designed for use in some of the world's most corrosive, corrosive and abrasive environments.

   The swing check valve is ideal for vertical and horizontal applications. A range of check valves are available for oil, gas, water, refining, power and chemical applications where flow reversal must be prevented. The check valve is designed with a bolt cover and can be designed for pressure seals up to 600# or above.


1. normal diameter

nps 2″-48″

2. normal pressure

class 150~2500

3. suitable medium

corrosive environment, oil, gas, water

4. suitable temperature

-29℃ - 450℃

5. port type

full port

6. connection ends

rf / npt / bw / sw

7. body / cover material

stainless steel / cast steel / duplex steel / hastelloy steel

8. disc material

stainless steel / duplex steel / hastelloy steel

9. seat material

stainless steel / stellite / hard face

10. stem material


11. operation


Pressure seal design
Unique cage unit: the entire seat - hinge - pin - disc assembly can be tested outside the valve before the seal is welded into the body.

Eliminate needle seal leaks. Easy to serve in-line.
Operate efficiently. A hinge pin located near the center of gravity allows the conical seating surface of the disc to quickly move out and enter the seat without slipping or wearing.

The disc is pivoted through a small arc to prevent backflow and water hammer

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