Check Valve With Counterweight

Check Valve With Counterweight

1. normal diameter:nps 2″-48″
2. normal pressure:class 150~2500
3. suitable medium:corrosive environment, oil, gas, water
4. suitable temperature:-29℃ - 450℃
5. port type:full port
6. connection ends:rf / npt / bw / sw

Product Details

   Check Valve with Counterweight  is a double flanged double eccentric valve that acts as a check valve that allows the media to flow in only one direction, preventing flow reversal. Flow causes the valve to open in the desired direction, while recirculation forces the valve to close. The elastomer's metal design ensures complete tightness. The valve is equipped with a position indicator. The operation is done by lever weighting.

   The swing-type check valve with counterweight and lever has good anti-hammer effect due to the presence of the counterweight, and automatically acts when the flow stops. These swing check valves are available for both horizontal and vertical installation. For installation in vertical flow lines, we recommend rotating the counterweight 90° clockwise so that when the valve is ready for use, the counterweight will be in a horizontal position.


1. normal diameter

nps 2″-48″

2. normal pressure

class 150~2500

3. suitable medium

corrosive environment, oil, gas, water

4. suitable temperature

-29℃ - 450℃

5. port type

full port

9. seat material

stainless steel / stellite / hard face

10. stem material


11. operation



Model check valve, double eccentric wedge.
The valve has a hydraulic slow-closing device that quickly closes and slowly closes the two closing stages.

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