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Gas Station Marketing, The Value Of The Release Of The Maximum Is The Key

- Mar 16, 2017 -

In today's high-margin era, private oil companies are trying to increase sales and benefits, but the short-term face of talent and professional marketing bottlenecks. According to the car to statistics, private oil enterprises in the oil station and more than 5 years of management personnel in more than 5 years of experience and received professional gas station management marketing training ratio of not more than 10%. Therefore, the private oil enterprises in the brand building, fuel station hardware upgrades, oil quality control, employee performance management, data analysis and digital marketing, and so need more leveraging external third-party professional service providers in order to seize the opportunity to develop faster The

Into the oil market changes in the past few years, is indeed more and more attracted the attention of the capital market. In addition to directly involved in the integration of heavy assets and petrol stations, investment, capital is also in the refined oil industry circle of various types of innovative models, the Internet start-up enterprises in the test water. From 2 years ago the gas station O2O diversion / convenient payment / drainage car after the market, to the oil supply chain integration, and then to the SaaS platform CRM system output, 3 years this relatively closed traditional industry emerged hundreds Home of the Internet + innovative business. Regardless of the success of a single business, some of these start-ups will have an impact on the transformation of the traditional industry in the long run. However, in the short period of 3-5 years, the main point of the private gas station managers is the lack of professionals and marketing means, especially for the new marketing methods of learning ability and marketing floor execution.

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