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Fully Welded Ball Valve Long-term Reliable Operation To Use

- Jul 25, 2017 -

Fully Welded Ball Valve are used in a wide range of fields. Its excellent quality and high performance stability is the ordinary cast steel ball valve can not be achieved, its life is much greater than the cast steel ball valve, all welded ball valve is widely used in urban gas, urban heating, petrochemical, shipbuilding, Regulating stations, power plants and other types of pipeline equipment. Full solder ball valve can be used for long-term reliable operation, the need for maintenance, installation is simple, the installation of the valve more convenient.

Fully Welded Ball Valve structural features:

1, all-welded ball valve with advanced seat: multi-year ball valve manufacturing experience and design of the valve seat, low coefficient of friction, operating torque is small, a variety of seat materials, to adapt to a wide range.

2, all-welded ball valve stem anti-fly structure: the lower part of the stem set, from the valve body inside the lower stem, to prevent the stem fly out.

3, all-welded ball valve anti-static function: in the ball and the valve body or between the stem set anti-static spring, the switch can produce the process of static electricity derived.

4, all-welded ball valve fire-resistant structure: advanced fire-resistant design, after the fire, the various parts of the design of flexible graphite packing or stainless steel clip graphite to meet the fire requirements.

5, all-welded ball valve handle operation: the use of flat head stem, and the handle connection will not be dislocation, thus ensuring the handle to indicate the switch state and valve consistent. To prevent the valve switch from malfunctioning  In the switch fully open, fully closed position set with a locking hole to ensure that the valve is in the correct position. 

6, all-welded ball valve with the most advanced support plate structure at home and abroad to improve the service life of the valve, reducing the valve operating torque, greatly extending the service life of the valve.

Full Welded Ball Valve Performance:

1): No maintenance, adjustment and lubrication, easy installation, long-term reliable operation at low operating costs. The surface of the spray treatment technology, glossy and beautiful, has been in the leading domestic level. There will be no external leakage and so on. The valve body is welded, so the valve is light and easy to insulate. Installation adjustment mechanism, very simple, the operating handle can be removed, for the installation.

2): Since the seat is made of carbon fiber reinforced Teflon seal ring and disc spring, so the pressure and temperature changes to adapt to the pressure in the pressure and temperature range will not produce any leakage.

3): the ball of the processing process has advanced computer detector tracking detection, so the ball of high precision machining.

4): As the valve material with the pipe material, there will be no stress uneven, nor will the earthquake and the vehicle through the ground when the deformation, the pipeline aging.

5): Integral full welding, equal diameter and variable diameter channel, using fixed ball and floating ball, double piston effect sealing system, automatic injection sealant bearing.

6): In order to prevent static electricity, the stem and the ball and the stem and packing box are equipped with steel balls and springs, can keep all parts of the valve and the valve body conduction, let the current through the area, the release of static electricity. Not only to prevent fire, but also to prevent corrosion, to achieve temporary cut off, in order to timely maintenance.

7): stem anti-off function is because the valve stem by the valve pressure, the total out of the force so the stem is designed to anti-off structure.

8): With low-friction material thrust washer support the pressure to the valve stem, so that the stem only play the role of torque transmission.

Fully Welded Ball Valve split body design:

All-welded ball valve body design method has a cylindrical structure and a spherical structure, the cylindrical structure is a double weld, the welding process heat input is large, the residual stress is complex and the axial and radial deformation are large.

Spherical structure is the four weld stitching, and now due to technological progress, the use of left and right valve hot forging molding, the middle single weld welding molding, reducing line energy input, reduce the axial and radial deformation. Split structure is generally composed of the valve body and the left and right connectors.

The connection body and the valve body are connected by bolts. The connecting flange thickness and the connection strength of the bolts shall be designed according to the flange corresponding to the inner diameter of the valve body. The connection strength must prevent the pipe from stress and cause the connection to relax and make the seal fail. The valve body is in face-to-face contact with the connector, with no clearance in the middle.

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