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Electric Valve

- Mar 17, 2017 -

Valve electric actuators are mainly used in power plants or nuclear power plants because of the need for a smooth, stable and slow process in high pressure water systems. The main advantage of the electric actuator is a high degree of stability and the user can apply a constant thrust, the maximum actuator can produce thrust up to 225000kgf, can achieve such a large thrust only hydraulic actuators, but the hydraulic actuator cost than electric Much higher. Electric actuator anti-deviation ability is very good, the output of the thrust or torque is basically constant, can be a good way to overcome the imbalance of the media to achieve accurate control of the process parameters, so the control accuracy than pneumatic actuators to high. If you can use the servo amplifier, you can easily achieve the exchange of positive and negative, you can easily set off the signal valve position (keep / fully open / fully closed), and failure, must stay in place, which is Pneumatic actuators can not be made, pneumatic actuators must be achieved by means of a combination of protection system to achieve security.

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