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Butterfly Valve Regular Inspection Of The Importance Of Regular

- Jun 21, 2017 -

Test and Adjustment of Butterfly Valve

1, butterfly valve whether it is manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric parts in the factory are strictly debugged, the user in the re-inspection sealing performance, the import and export sides should be evenly fixed, close the disc valve, In the export side to observe whether the phenomenon of leakage in the pipeline before the strength test, the disc should be opened to prevent damage to the seal.

2, Butterfly Valve factory, although the strict inspection and experimental, but there are also individual products in the transport of automatic screw displacement, need to re-adjust, pneumatic, hydraulic, etc., please refer to supporting the drive device instructions.

3, electric drive disc valve factory has been the control of the Kai, closed trip tune. In order to prevent the power is connected to the wrong direction, the user first turn on the power, the first open to the semi-open position, press the electric switch to check the direction of the direction of the valve and the valve can be the same direction.

Common Faults and Elimination Methods of Butterfly Valve

1, before installing the factory to confirm the performance of the factory and the media flow arrows are consistent with the movement conditions, and the valve cavity into the clean, not allowed in the seals and butterfly plate with impurity foreign body, not allowed before cleaning Close the disc, so as not to damage the seal.

2, discs supporting the installation of flanges recommended disc valve dedicated flange, that is, HGJ54-91 type welded steel flange.

3, installed in the pipeline position, the best location for the standing equipment, but can not flip.

4, the need to adjust the use of flow, a worm gear box to control.

5, open, closed more times the disc valve, in about two months time, open the worm gear cover, check the butter is normal, should keep the amount of butter.

6, check the connection parts of the requirements of compression, that is to ensure that the sealing of the filler, but also to ensure flexibility and flexible stem.

7, metal seal butterfly valve products are not suitable for installation at the end of the pipeline, such as must be installed at the end of the pipeline, need to take the export flange, to prevent the backlog of seals, over position.

8, the valve stem to use the reaction to regularly check the use of the valve effect, found that troubleshooting in a timely manner.

Butterfly valve is the opening and closing parts (butterfly plate) around the fixed shaft rotation of the valve, mainly through the disc-shaped valve reciprocating turn to open, close or adjust the flow. It has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, small installation size and so on. It is mainly used for conveying large temperature piping with less than 80 ℃ and less than 1MPa pressure water, air, gas and other medium.

Before installation, check the opening and closing of the drive bolt, whether the media flow is consistent with the logo, the installation, the butterfly plate to stop in the closed position, and try to install in the vertical pipe, if the need for horizontal installation, the valve shaft Should not use vertical installation, the best horizontal installation, if not the level of installation, can be used to install the valve shaft tilt, but not allowed more than 45 degrees.

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