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Knife Gate Valve Flexible And Reliable, Easy Maintenance

- Jun 12, 2017 -

Knife gate valve As the name suggests it should be a knife structure with the gate valve equipment, which is a cut off the function of the product, the purpose is to achieve the closure of the valve from the media when the block, knife gate valve with easy operation, open freedom, flexible and reliable , Simple maintenance, excellent sealing performance and other advantages. So now the knife gate valve is mainly used in what place? How can it work? The next will be for you with a knife-type gate valve which is the main purpose of the relevant content of the introduction.

Knife gate valve main purposes:

1, mine power plant coal preparation, slagging, oil field connected or cut off the pipeline in the ore, slag, slime;

2, food, paper, medicine, urban sewage treatment pipeline in the fiber, wood pulp, pulp, dust and other media connected or cut off;

3, chemical and other oil, water, steam pipe, connected or cut off the pipeline in the chemical treatment of sewage, sedimentation tanks, asphalt, silo exports, fruit, grain, slaughterhouse wastewater and other media;

The use of knife gate valve, make up for the traditional, ordinary gate valve deficiency. Knife gate valve into the Chinese market is less than 30 years, during this time, it from the general field of use gradually extended to a wider range of industries, from the use of coal to food and other living industries, knife gate valve These uses not only changed the industrial production but also changed our lives.

Knife gate valve, also known as knife gate valve, knife type slurry valve, its opening and closing parts is the gate, the direction of movement of the gate and the fluid direction perpendicular to the fiber can be cut by cutting the blade to cut the media, Two sealing surfaces, the most commonly used mode gate valve two sealing surface to form a wedge, wedge angle with the valve parameters vary, usually 50, wedge knife gate valve can be made as a whole, called the rigid gate ; Can also be made to produce trace deformation of the gate, in order to improve its craft, to make up the sealing surface angle in the processing of the deviation, this gate is called the elastic gate. The valve body does not actually exist in the chamber, the gate in the side of the guide groove lift, and by the bottom of the lug pressed in the valve seat, for a higher media seal, the choice of O-shaped seal seat to achieve Two-way seal. Knife gate valve has a small installation space, low working pressure, easy to accumulate debris, the price is low.

When the knife gate is closed, the sealing surface can be sealed only by the medium pressure, that is, by means of the medium pressure to press the sealing surface of the gate to the other side of the valve seat to ensure that the sealing surface seal, which is self-sealing. Gate valve is forced to seal, that is, when the valve is closed, it is necessary to rely on external force forced to push the valve seat to ensure that the sealing surface sealing. This type of valve in the pipeline should generally be installed horizontally.

Manual, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, bevel gear, electro-hydraulic and gas-liquid drive and other driving methods. Knife gate valve shape: Ming rod, dark rod two. Knife gate material: cast iron, cast steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, lining fluorine and so on. Knife gate valve seal: hard seal, soft seal, single-sided seal, double-sided seal and other materials sealed.

Ultra-thin knife gate valve with its small size, small flow resistance, light weight, easy to install, easy to dismantle and other advantages completely solve the common gate valve, flat gate valve, ball valve, globe valve, regulating valve, butterfly valve , Heavy weight, difficult to install, covers an area of large and difficult problems. After the knife gate valve appears, a large number of universal cut-off valves and regulating valves have been replaced. Today, the world's largest amount of knife gate valve is the United States and Japan.

1. Mining, iron and steel industry - for coal, filter slurry;

2. Purification device - for waste water, mud, dirt and clarified water with suspended solids;

3. Paper industry - for any concentration of pulp, water mixture;

4. Power station ash - for the ash slurry.

(1) body, (2) bracket,

(3) Handwheel: Ductile iron

(4) Spool: stainless steel

(5) rubber gasket

(6) PTFE hole plate

(7) Packing: PTFE seal

(8) pressure cover: stainless steel

(9) screw, (10) stem nut: stainless steel

(11) fight hat: 35 #


1. For remote control, but also in accordance with the requirements of users to achieve remote location display and remote control.

2. Light weight: the body made of carbon steel, the weight of the traditional valve weight reduction of about 20% -30%, easy installation and maintenance.

3. The use of the valve can improve the delivery line system closed sealing performance, to maximize the leakage, to improve production efficiency, protect the environment will play a positive role in promoting.

4. Sealing surface with high wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant ceramic materials, the use of mosaic technology, high corrosion resistance, wear resistance, which makes the valve long life, cost more ordinary valve 10 times.


First, lift the gate seal surface, can scraping the sealing surface of the adhesive, automatic cleaning debris.

Second, the stainless steel gate to prevent corrosion caused by leakage of the seal.

Third, the hard gold seal surface to ensure that the seal wear resistance and requirements.

Fourth, the valve body sealing surface without grooves, do not produce accumulated objects, to ensure flexibility to open.

5, short structure length, can save raw materials, installation space is also effective to support the pipeline strength.

Six, the scientific seal on the stuffing box design, so that the seal is safe and effective, durable.

Seven, triangular stent to save raw materials, to ensure the required mechanical properties.

8, the valve body on the guide block so that the correct movement of the gate, four compression block to ensure effective sealing plate.

9, the valve body design to improve the strength of the valve body.

10, stainless steel stem durable, double-headed bolts to make the opening and closing more quickly.

11, can be arbitrarily selected drive mechanism.

12, 150 or more caliber, the use of fully enclosed structure, more effective to open and prevent leakage.

13, fluorine rubber sealing surface to achieve sealing effect, improve the use of temperature.

14, rubber sealing surface directly in the body of the vulcanization, will not fall off.

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