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What is the industrial application of forging?

- Jan 16, 2018 -

Forging is the process of forming and shaping metals through the use of hammering, pressing or rolling.

Forging is the optimum process, in terms of both part quality and cost, especially for applications that require maximum part strength, custom sizes or critical performance specifications.

Industrial Application of Forged Components:

Automative and Trucks: Forged components are commonly foundAs we know already, forged components are prepared with heavy pressures and extreme forces. So they are acclaimed optimum solution for valves and fittings industry. They are less resistant to corrosion, and flame resistant that is taken suitable for flanges, vales, fittings, stems, saddles or elbows etc. When vales would be extra strong, they can be used under heavy pressures as well., kingpins, axle beams and shafts, torsion bars, ball studs, idler arms, pitman arms and steering arms.

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