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Ball valve

- Mar 17, 2017 -

Ball valve, standard GB / T21465-2008 "Valve terminology" is defined as: opening and closing parts (spheres) driven by the stem, and around the ball valve for the rotation of the valve. It can also be used for the regulation and control of fluid. Among them, the hard seal V-type ball valve has a strong shearing force between the V-shaped ball core and the metal seat of the surfacing carbide. It is especially suitable for the use of fiber, Such as the medium. The multi-ball valve in the pipeline not only can be flexible control of the media confluence, diversion, and flow of the switch, but also can turn off any channel and the other two channels connected. This type of valve in the pipeline should generally be installed horizontally. Ball valve in accordance with the drive is divided into: pneumatic ball valve, electric ball valve, manual ball valve.

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