Straight Type Globe Valve

In the direct current or Y-shaped cut-off valve, the flow path of the valve body is inclined with the main flow path, so that the degree of damage of the flow state is smaller than that of the conventional cut-off valve, and the pressure loss through the valve is correspondingly small.
DC shut-off valve advantages
1. Simple structure, convenient manufacturing and maintenance.
2. The working stroke is small and the opening and closing time is short.
3. good sealing, small friction between sealing surfaces, long life.
4. The structure of the shut-off valve body is straight-through, direct-flow and right-angle. Straight-through is the most common structure, but its fluid resistance is greatest. DC fluid resistance is small, and it is mostly used for fluids containing solid particles or high viscosity. The right angle valve body is mostly forged, suitable for small through, high pressure shut-off valves.
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