API 6D Standard Forged Steel Flange End Solid Wedge Gate Valve

Shanghai Tangcheng is a global manufacturer and supplier of valves offering API 6D Standard Forged Steel Flange End Solid Wedge Gate Valve. Our products are durable, solid and reliable with a competitive price. specification: Size range: 1-1/2"-48"; Pressure rating: Class 150~2500;...

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Available in four different types: 8 inch gate valve, API 6D gate valve, expanding gate valve, forged steel gate valve and slide gate valves, the API 6D standard forged steel flange end solid wedge gate valve is made of high-grade cast iron, which is lighter in weight and easier to install and maintain than conventional gate valves. The design of the flat-bottomed gate is not easy to cause the water to close and form a water leakage phenomenon, which is not easy to cause debris accumulation, so that the fluid is unobstructed. The utility model overcomes the defects of poor sealing and rusting of the general gate valve, and uses the elastic ram to generate a slight elastic deformation compensation effect to achieve a good sealing effect, and has the remarkable advantages of light switch, reliable sealing, good elastic memory and service life.


Size range1-1/2"-48"
Pressure ratingClass 150~2500
Design configurationsBolted bonnet, OS &Y, rising stem
Body materialWCB,CF8,CF8M, LCB, LCC, WC6, WC9
OperationLever, gear, pneumatic, electric
ConnectionWafer, Flange, Lug
Knife2Cr13, SS201, SS304, SS316, SS316L, SS310, 2205
SealingH, W, F, X (NBR, EPDM, Viton)
Packing SealOil lubrication PTFE packing, aramid packing, high water lever packing, rubber packing
Applicable mediumOil, gas, water and other corrosive medium
Certificate ISO9001, CE
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Parts material:

Valve body

Wcb/stainless steel 304/forged A105/etc

Wedge disc

Forged steel


Metal/ stainless steel


Cast steel/stainless steel


Stainless steel

Thrust bearing



Stainless steel


Ductile cast iron/cast steel/stainless steel

Dust wheel

Stainless steel

Hand wheel

Cast iron


  • Designed in strict accordance with API standards, the seal is reliable, the performance is excellent, and it can be used with imported equipment.

  • The sealing performance of the gate and the valve seat is good, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good scratch resistance and long service life.

  • The gate adopts forged steel and elastic rams, which have certain elastic compensation under high pressure conditions, which makes the seal more reliable.

  • The wedge type elastic ram structure is adopted, and the rolling bearing is arranged in a medium and large diameter, and the opening and closing is easy.

  • Reasonable packing design, using a combination of braided graphite, flexible graphite filler and intermediate packing sleeve to ensure no leakage of the valve, in line with environmental protection requirements.

API 6D Gate Valve

Forged Steel Gate Valve 8 Inch Gate Valve slide gat


8 inch gate valve, API 6D gate valve, expanding gate valve, forged steel gate valve and slide gate valves are suitable for various pipelines such as petroleum, chemical, thermal power stations, etc., cut or connect the pipeline media.






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