Knife Gate Valve

The application of Knife Gate Valve has expanded from the general field to a wider range of industries, from coal preparation, drainage and slagging in mine power plants to urban sewage treatment, from general industrial pipelines to specialized pipelines for food, health and medicine.
The valve control can be used for local and remote control, and can also realize remote position display and remote centralized control according to user requirements. Light weight: The body is made of carbon steel, which is about 20%-30% lighter than traditional gate valves, and is easy to install and maintain. The use of this valve can improve the closing and sealing performance of the conveying pipeline system, and minimize the leakage, which will play an active role in improving efficiency and protecting the environment. The sealing surface is made of high wear-resisting and corrosion-resistant ceramic material. It adopts inlay technology, high corrosion resistance and good wear resistance, which makes the valve have long service life and the cost performance is 10 times higher than that of ordinary valves.
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