Lift Check Valve

The lift check valve is a valve for preventing back flow of the pipeline medium, and is mainly composed of a valve body, a valve seat, a valve flap, a valve cover and the like. The lift check valve has a spring to ensure that the valve flap is always in dynamic equilibrium under the action of the spring, and the valve can maintain balanced operation regardless of the medium pressure at the inlet end of the valve.
The lift check valve has a guide rod on the valve flap, and the guide rod can freely rise and fall into the guide hole of the valve cover. When the pipe medium flows in the specified direction (from left to right), when the pressure under the flap exceeds the pressure above it, the flap pushes up along the centerline of the bonnet pilot hole, and the valve automatically opens to allow the media to circulate; When flowing from the right side, when flowing to the left side, that is, when flowing backward, the pressure above the valve flap is greater than the pressure below it. The upper and lower pressure difference and the weight of the valve disc press the valve flap against the valve seat, so that the medium cannot pass, That is to say, the fluid cannot flow backward; the greater the fluid pressure of the pipeline, the tighter the sealing surface, and the better the sealing effect. The seat sealing surface of the lift check valve can be surfacing, or it can be made into a seat seal and then expanded or screwed onto the valve body; when it is made of stainless steel, the sealing surface can also be processed directly on the valve body.
The valve sealing surface can be machined directly on the valve disc or can be machined or welded to the valve flap by the inner and outer peripheral surfaces of the seal ring. The straight-through lift check valve can only be used in a balanced manner on the pipe, and the centerline of the pan is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, while the vertical lift check valve is not subject to this limitation.
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