Ball Check Valve

The Ball Check Valve is a stop valve adopting a multi-ball, multi-flow, multi-cone type inverted fluid structure, and is mainly composed of a front and rear valve body, a rubber ball, a cone body and the like.
The waterproof hammer energy-saving ball check valve has a simple structure and is mainly composed of a spherical device and a valve body. The spherical device is composed of a ball cover and a rubber ball. The rubber ball is processed into a core by a steel plate, and the rubber layer is lined to maintain a certain elasticity and sufficient strength. The working principle is that the rubber ball is rolled in a short stroke in the dome to realize the opening and closing of the valve. When the water pump is started, the pressure of the water pushes the rubber ball to make the rubber ball roll to the right side, and the check valve is opened; after stopping the pump, the rubber ball is forced to roll to the left side due to the return pressure of the system, and the check valve is closed.
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